Mas Amigos

Mas Amigos -
The organisation for people who travel to Spain

By becoming a member of the organisation Mas Amigos you receive discounts on flights to Spain and on the green fees for the golf courses Las Ramblas and La Marquesa. The green fee is usually about 40-50 €/day. Mas Amigos can also offer you discount prises on rental cars in Spain. You collect and leave the car at the airport.

The membership fee for Mas Amigos is  23 €/year and includes all family members or all parties of a travel group. Membership for the golf section costs 7 €/year.

If you want further information - contact Mas Amigos in Stockholm, Sweden.

Mas Amigos
Kungsholmstorg 3a
Phone +46 8 653 90 75
Fax +46 8 653 26 85